How We Can Help

Gambling is a very socially exciting and entertaining game, it can become tricky and disturbing when people become addicted to it. You can always approach the customer care services of the online casinos to reduce your deposit/ gambling limit and contact them for any further assistance, suggestion and feedback. We offer help and assistance in dealing with problem gambling. The privacy and freedom of our clients are of prime importance to us. We strictly protect the privacy of those who approach us with problem gambling. There several tactful ways in which the problems of addiction can be dealt with. Our customer care team is well-equipped to tackle such issues. We offer online counseling and help when a client looks at self-exclusion or time-out option. The remaining deposits are returned and the software does not allow further deposit when the self-exclusion option is open. We have filtering software that restricts underage gambling and irresponsible online gambling behavior. Our software is designed to protect clients by setting age limits, time limits, and money limits. By sending timely reminders, we ensure that the gamers don’t get carried away and stick to the limits that they have fixed. We have fun-filled self-assessment quizzes and test versions of several popular casino games. These help the customers identify their niche areas and play those which excite them and give them a fair chance at winning. We wholeheartedly encourage fair play and adhere to independent monitoring standards that ensure the same. We have all the appropriate licenses to operate and the information is clearly mentioned on our website. The information given by our clients are digitally encrypted and we adhere to safe online transaction policies that are hack-proof and safe. You can sign-up to our newsletter to know about the latest games, the current popular ones and gaming rules and policies. You are always welcome to contact us at the given email-id and we will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible.

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